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RASPBERRY BLUSH Sugar Free Drink Mix 😊 Loaded Tea Flavoring

RASPBERRY BLUSH Sugar Free Drink Mix 😊 Loaded Tea Flavoring

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Flavor DIY Loaded Tea Recipes at Home with this RASPBERRY BLUSH 😊 Sugar Free Drink Mix by GramZero®.

This loaded tea flavor mix is sweetened with🌱 Organic Stevia ONLY and also serves as a delicious Low Carb Drink Alternative and it's a Keto Friendly Drink.

There are so many loaded tea flavors available, but this is our favorite not only because there are no artificial sweeteners and it tastes great, but one 4.5 Oz pouch has 80 servings 🎉 which makes this a great deal!

About this 4.5 Ounce Pouch of GramZero® Sugar Free Drink Mix:

  • Very Low Calories; Zero Sugar; Zero Artificial Sweeteners
  • Sweetened with Organic Stevia; No Funky Aftertaste
  • Used by Herbalife Nutrition Clubs in Loaded Tea Recipes
  • Low Carb & Keto Friendly; Kosher
  • 80 Servings / Package
  • Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Instructions for Loaded Teas:

Instructions For Loaded Tea Flavors: Use as directed by the Loaded Tea Recipe. Generally 1/4 tsp (1.6g) per 4 Oz water.

Instructions for Drink Mix:

Instructions For Sugar Free Drinks: Add a rounded 1/4 teaspoon (1.6g) of this Sugar Free Drink Mix to 1 Cup (8 fl oz) of water and stir until dissolved. As a sugar free drink mix, this 4.5 ounce pouch makes approximately 5 Gallons or 80 - 8 ounce servings.

NOTE: Blend this sugar free drink mix only as directed for best flavor. Adding more mix than instructed will not increase flavor, but can add bitterness as organic stevia leaf extract is highly concentrated.


  • Raspberry Blush: Gum Acacia, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Organic Stevia, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Citrate, Red 40, Blue 1, Silicon Dioxide

Keto-Friendly Notes:

*This product contains NO maltodextrin or artificial sweeteners and can be used to make keto-friendly drinks and to flavor keto energy drinks.

Calories Per Serving:

  • 4 Calories

Caffeine Content:

  • 0mg Caffeine
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shannon Harlow
Raspberry Blush

I highly recommend the raspberry blush flavor! It has just enough flavor without being too overpowering like some raspberry flavorings tend to be. It also compliments well with the pineapple flavors.


Enjoyed all of the flavors. Arrived

Carolyn Lambdin

Flavors are always spot on.

marina roy
Rasspberry blush

This flavor is samething like crystal light for the price. It's not my favorite flavor.

Drink Mixes = Tea Flavorings

GramZero Drink Mixes are exactly that, "Drink Mixes". They are used to naturally flavor and sweeten Loaded Teas and other beverages, including water. They do not have caffeine, nor are they a tea.

Loaded teas (aka Tea Bombs 💣 ... aka Energy Teas) are easy to make at home when you have the right ingredients. Learn how to make loaded teas at home using our Loaded Tea Recipe Finder! It's FREE❣️

There are 3 Must-Have Loaded Tea Ingredient Components to make a 🥤

#1 ➡️ Instant Tea Powder Sold On Amazon #CommissionsEarned
#2 ➡️ Sugar-Free Energy Mix 💥 Sold On Amazon #CommissionsEarned
#3 ➡️ Sugar-Free Drink Powders 🌈 Sold here @ Loaded Tea Flavors

Optional Loaded Tea Add-Ons:
Sold here @ Loaded Tea Flavors: Instant Organic Aloe 🌱
Sold on Amazon: Unflavored Collagen Peptides Powder, 💥 Guarana Powder and Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder. #CommissionsEarned

NOTE: If you want to make Loaded Teas that taste exactly like the Nutrition Clubs, you need to use authentic Herbalife Ingredients. Herbalife ingredients are sold only thru Herbalife Distributors and online through an Herbalife Distributor's website. If you do not know any Herbalife Distributors and would like to purchase Herbalife products online, please submit our contact form and we will gladly send you a link to our Herbalife distributor website❣️

How to Make Loaded Teas at Home

GramZero is family owned and operated out of Amsterdam, NY❣️ On a mission to provide easy to use and great tasting Sugar Free products for healthier living.

We use GramZero due to allergy issues and their products seriously taste great! Visit them for sugar-free Pudding, Cake & Gelatin Mixes to make DIY meal replacement shakes & sugar-free desserts!