Supplies to Make Loaded Tea at Home

We know ordering from a Nutrition Club isn't always an option 😩 We're here to help you learn how to make loaded tea at home 😃👍

Loaded Tea Supplies & Ingredients

Loaded teas (aka Tea Bombs 💣 ... aka Energy Teas) are easy to make at home when you have the right supplies & ingredients. Plus, It's much easier to make loaded teas at home using our FREE Loaded Tea Recipe Finder❣️

In addition to Ice 🧊 and Water, there are 3 Must-Have Loaded Tea Ingredient Components to make a 🥤

#1 ➡️ Instant Tea Powder Sold On Amazon #CommissionsEarned
#2 ➡️ Sugar-Free Energy Mix 💥 Sold On Amazon #CommissionsEarned
#3 ➡️ Sugar-Free Drink Powders 🌈 Sold here @ Loaded Tea Flavors

Optional Loaded Tea Add-Ons:
#4 ➡️ Instant Organic Aloe 🌱 Sold here @ Loaded Tea Flavors
Sold on Amazon: Unflavored Collagen Peptides Powder, 💥 Guarana Powder and Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder. #CommissionsEarned

#1 ➡️ Instant Tea Powder

An alternative to what's used in the Nutrition Clubs, Waka Instant Tea Sample Bundle - Unsweetened Flavored Tea is great to use as the Tea Concentrate Component of Loaded Teas. These are instant dissolve and lightly flavored, with approximately 30-35 mg Caffeine per 1/4 tsp of tea powder. We use 1/2 teaspoon per Loaded Tea for most recipes. Available on both Amazon and at WAKA (Code: TRYWAKA Save 15% at WAKA) #CommissionsEarned

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#2 ➡️ Sugar-Free Energy Powder

Nectar Energy Booster with Organic Caffeine, B12 & Electrolytes is Sugar Free & Zero Calorie and is a great alternative to what's used in the Nutrition Clubs. Developed by Scientists and Doctors – Made with 75mg of Organic Caffeine, Pure Vitamin B12 and over 600mg of Electrolytes, Nectar’s proprietary formula provides lasting energy while keeping you hydrated. We use 1 Packet per Loaded Tea for our recipes. #CommissionsEarned

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#3 ➡️ Sugar-Free Drink Powders

Our Top Choice: GramZero Drink Mixes. Not only used by Nutrition Clubs, but we exclusively use these in ALL of our FREE Recipes 😍 Get them here at Loaded Tea Flavors in Single Packs and 2GO Stick Packs!

#1 ➡️ Loaded Tea Supplies

32oz Clear Acrylic Tumbler

Show off your Loaded Teas with this reusable clear, double walled, insulated Loaded Tea Tumbler ~ comes with Straw and Lid. BPA Free. #CommissionsEarned

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#2 ➡️ Loaded Tea Supplies

Hand Frother aka The Perfect Loaded Tea Mixer

A hand frother is a "must-have" for effortlessly dissolving Loaded Tea Ingredients in the first steps of making a loaded tea. Use this to help alleviate particles/floaters in your drink ~ it works MUCH better than a fork or whisk. We use this Zulay model for our Loaded Teas and Coffee drinks.

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#3 ➡️ Loaded Tea Supplies

Nugget Ice Maker

Worth the investment, the Stainless Steel GE Profile Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank & WiFi Connectivity makes perfect "Sonic Ice" for Loaded Teas AND excellent for making Nutrition Shakes & Smoothies. We currently use the NewAir Nugget Ice Maker, but this one will be it's replacement for sure! #CommissionsEarned

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