GramZero Sugar Free Pudding Mixes

Recipes for Protein Shakes made at home just got BETTER 💘 We use and love ❤️ GramZero Sugar Free Pudding Mixes to flavor protein shakes because the ONLY sweetener used is a very high quality Organic🌱 Stevia Leaf Extract, they seriously taste great with no yucky aftertaste✨MegaWin!

Protein Shake Ingredients

Our protein shake recipes are made with authentic Herbalife shake ingredients, with exception of the sugar free pudding mixes, as we are working to reduce and limit artificial sweeteners in our recipes. You are definitely free to use any brand you wish and substitute as desired 😉

NOTE: Herbalife ingredients are sold only thru Herbalife Distrbutors. We know a few, please contact us if you would like to get in touch with one. Thank you!

If looking to make nutrition shake recipes without Herbalife products there are websites, blogs and Pinterest boards dedicated to this 👍

If looking for bulk GramZero sugar free pudding mixes at wholesale prices or variety packs, please visit: