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Mermaid Flavored 🐬 Loaded Tea Recipe

Mermaid Flavored 🐬 Loaded Tea Recipe

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For your DIY loaded tea adventures, here is your FREE MERMAID Flavored Loaded Tea Recipe! Add to cart for FREE download and save the image to your phone 📲 to take anywhere❣️

Our Loaded Tea Recipes, Calorie and Caffeine content are based upon using Herbalife products and GramZero Sugar Free Drink Mixes. Please keep this in mind if substituting ingredients 😉

Calorie Content

22 Calories

Caffeine Content

160mg Caffeine

Drink Mix Flavors Used

Grape, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry

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Loaded Tea Ingredients

How to Make Loaded Teas: There are 3 Must-Have loaded tea ingredient components to make a 🥤 Loaded Tea: 1) herbal tea concentrate; 2) 💥 energy mix; and 3) sugar free drink mixes 🌈

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM if you would like more information on how to purchase the herbal tea concentrates and 💥 energy component products.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Ramirez

Mermaid Flavored 🐬 Loaded Tea Recipe

Yanixa Ortiz

Mermaid Flavored 🐬 Loaded Tea Recipe


I would definitely recommend this tea. It’s is so delicious.