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Captain America®: Loaded Tea Powder Mix 2GO Packets

Captain America®: Loaded Tea Powder Mix 2GO Packets

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CAPTAIN AMERICA® ~ DIY Loaded Tea Powder Mix ~ 3 Options

Get ready to 🚀 supercharge your day with our Captain America® 🇺🇸 Loaded Tea Powder Mix 2GO Packets! Indulge in guilt-free deliciousness with the flavors of 🍓 strawberry and 💙 blue blast, without any added sugar 💪 Take your taste buds on a flavorful adventure with every sip and live free (of sugar) like a superhero! #sugarfreesaves

DIY Loaded Tea At Home!

Fear not if making tea isn't your specialty – This IS easy-peasy! 🤙 Just add the packet to an empty 20-32 oz cup or tumbler ~ a Stanley 30 oz tumbler is perfect! Then add 2oz hot water and stir until dissolved. Add 6oz cold water and stir. Fill the cup/tumbler with ice to the top, add 4oz cold water, stir and enjoy! Get excited for a dose of patriotism 🇺🇸 with our Loaded Tea Mix 2GO Packets - perfect for any occasion and a breeze to prepare!

Our handy loaded tea mixes save you time and give you maximum deliciousness! These are Sugar-Free Drinks ~ they're aspartame-free, zero-calorie or very low calorie (depending upon which Option) and are keto-friendly drinks!

Add on the Instant Aloe 2GO Sticks, they are a perfect complement to your loaded tea! 🤩 This loaded tea mix makes 1-32oz Captain America Loaded Tea!

Loaded Tea Packet 2GO ~ Dump-N-Go Options:

💚 Option 1: Green Tea Refresher Mix: 70 mg Caffeine ~ 0 Calorie
💙 Option 2: Loaded Tea Mix: 160 mg Caffeine ~ 8 Calories
💜 Option 3: Mega Tea/Lit Tea Mix: 200 mg Caffeine ~ 8 Calories

    Aloe 🌱 Available: Add On = 2 Organic Instant Aloe 2GO Sticks

      Want to make this loaded tea at home using full-size products? Get your FREE CAPTAIN AMERICA Flavored Loaded Tea Recipe HERE! Add to cart for FREE download and save the image to your phone 📲 to take anywhere❣️

      *NOTICE* Captain America® is a registered trademark of Marvel Characters, Inc. Loaded Tea Flavors™ is not associated with or sponsored by Marvel Characters, Inc.

      Calorie Content

      Green Tea Refresher Mix: 0 Calories, Loaded Tea Mix: 8 Calories, and Lit/Mega Tea Mix: 8 Calories

      Caffeine Content

      Green Tea Refresher Mix: 70mg Caffeine, Loaded Tea Mix: 160mg Caffeine, and Lit/Mega Tea Mix: 200mg Caffeine

      Warning: Although caffeine is generally safe for most healthy adults, consumers should be aware of the total caffeine intake in their diets (coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, etc.). Limit caffeine to 200 mg per sitting and about 400 mg of caffeine per day.

      Instructions for Quick Dump-N-Go Loaded Tea

      • Base ~ Use a tall (30-32 oz) loaded tea tumbler
      • Add 4 oz Hot (not boiling) water and add contents of Loaded Tea Mix packet and Stir until dissolved
      • Pack tumbler with ice to the top
      • Add 10 oz cold water over the ice
      • Enjoy!
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