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Aloha Flavored 🌸 Loaded Tea Recipe

Aloha Flavored 🌸 Loaded Tea Recipe

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For your DIY loaded tea adventures, here is your FREE ALOHA Flavored Loaded Tea Recipe! Add to cart for FREE download and save the image to your phone 📲 to take anywhere❣️

Our Loaded Tea Recipes, Calorie and Caffeine content are based upon using Herbalife products and GramZero Sugar Free Drink Mixes. Please keep this in mind if substituting ingredients 😉

Calorie Content

54 Calories

Caffeine Content

160mg Caffeine

Drink Mix Flavors Used

Peach and Raspberry Blush

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Loaded Tea Ingredients

Loaded teas (aka Tea Bombs 💣 ... aka Energy Teas) are easy to make at home when you have the right ingredients. Learn how to make loaded teas at home using our Loaded Tea Recipe Finder! It's FREE❣️

There are 3 Must-Have Loaded Tea Ingredient Components to make a 🥤

#1 ➡️ Instant Tea Powder Sold On Amazon #CommissionsEarned
#2 ➡️ Sugar-Free Energy Mix 💥 Sold On Amazon #CommissionsEarned
#3 ➡️ Sugar-Free Drink Powders 🌈 Sold here @ Loaded Tea Flavors

Optional Loaded Tea Add-Ons:
Sold here @ Loaded Tea Flavors: Instant Organic Aloe 🌱
Sold on Amazon: Unflavored Collagen Peptides Powder, 💥 Guarana Powder and Sugar-Free Electrolyte Powder. #CommissionsEarned

NOTE: If you want to make Loaded Teas that taste exactly like the Nutrition Clubs, you need to use authentic Herbalife Ingredients. Herbalife ingredients are sold only thru Herbalife Distributors and online through an Herbalife Distributor's website. If you do not know any Herbalife Distributors and would like to purchase Herbalife products online, please submit our contact form and we will gladly send you a link to our Herbalife distributor website❣️

How to Make Loaded Teas at Home

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Nixon
Order never received

I placed order back I December and still didn’t receive it and it cost me 243.00 US not happy

Katie Hirschey

Aloha Flavored 🌸 Loaded Tea Recipe

Mariedies Hernandez

The teas did provide energy, unfortunately the teas only tasted like their base energy flavor from all the flavors I chose they had an orange base. Every single tea tasted only like orange. If that’s your thing, then you’d love them, however I was like more for tropical coconut flavors, and didn’t get that.

Stephanie Bronstad

Aloha Flavored 🌸 Loaded Tea Recipe

Yanixa Ortiz

Aloha Flavored 🌸 Loaded Tea Recipe