How To Make Loaded Tea

We know ordering from a Nutrition Club isn't always an option 😩 We're here to help you learn how to make loaded tea at home 😃

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Steps To Make Loaded Tea At Home

Basic DIY Loaded Tea

Step 1: Dissolve Energy Powder & Herbal Tea Powder in Hot Water

1) Add hot water to tumbler/cup per recipe. Crush LiftOff tablet and add to tumbler if using Herbalife or add Energy Powder mix if another brand. This is to add caffeine and vitamins. 2) Add Herbal Tea Concentrate.

Step 2: Add Drink Mix Flavor(s)

Depending on the recipe, add Drink Mix flavoring and stir.

Step 3: Add Cold Water

Add cold water per recipe.

Step 4: Add Ice

Pack the tumbler with ice to the top.

Step 5: Add Cold Aloe Concentrate

Pour cold Aloe Concentrate over the added ice in tumbler

Step 6: Mix Drink Mix Flavor(s) Separately in Cold Water

Depending on the recipe, mix each Loaded Tea Flavor separately in 4 Oz Cold Water

Step 7: Pour Step 6 into Tumbler

Add Step 6 into tumbler

Loaded Tea Ingredients

Our loaded tea recipes are made with authentic Herbalife loaded tea ingredients, with exception of the sugar free drink mixes, as we are working to reduce and limit artificial sweeteners in our recipes. You are definitely free to use any brand you wish and substitute as desired 😉

NOTE: Herbalife ingredients are sold only thru Herbalife Distrbutors. If you would like to purchase Herbalife products online, please visit: LoadedTeaShop❣️Herbalife distributor website.

If looking to make loaded tea recipes without Herbalife products there are websites, blogs and Pinterest boards dedicated to this 👍

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